Cuenca in the winter

The girls and I were on our way home from an ERASMUS get together at a pub when it started snowing in February 2015. I had my first snowfall experience a few days before but it was my first time to experience heavy snowfall that evening. While walking home, the girls and I started to throw snow at each other. We played with the thick snow that has made their way to the windshields of parked cars. Childish, yes but the experience was new and fun to us since we're from the Philippines, where it doesn't snow at all. 

I was supposed to go home to my mother that night to spend more time with her before flying back to the Philippines but she told me to sleep in my dorm instead because it would be too difficult to walk home. 

The next day I woke up, looked out the window and was delighted to see everything covered in snow. Our dorm was located in front of a park so my roommate Paulina and I decided to have a photoshoot. We tried to get our 2 other roommates to join us but they opted to sleep instead. 

Seeing the park covered in thick snow felt like a dream, everything looked so clean and picturesque.