Cuenca: Visits to The Old Town

The Cuenca Fernando Zobel station is only one stop away from Madrid Puerta de Atocha. The travel time would be 40 minutes to an hour via Renfe that is why many locals and other tourists make day trips from Madrid to visit the old town. 

Cuenca has been known for the Casas Colgadas or the Hanging Houses that overlook the river. You can even enter one of them because it has become the Museo de Arte Abstract Español (Abstract Museum). Cuenca has so many museums, we wish we visited more but couldn't. Furthermore, tourists also visit the Cathedral located at the plaza. 

The girls and I tried our best to not take our beloved city for granted. So we took every opportunity possible to visit the old town. I suggest that you take a bus up to the plaza and walk down in order to admire the view. To save money, we opted to walk instead. - The walk can get tiring because the old town is a bit far and uphill but it’s worth it. 

Cuenca is full of history and culture, especially in the old town. I'm lucky to have lived there for 5 months.