Andalucía: 5 Day Itinerary (Transportation and Lodging)

Since the girls and I were based in Cuenca, it would be impossible to make day trips with Cuenca as the starting point. Joey and I decided to make Granada as our “home base” and travel to the other cities in Andalucía from there.

The expenses would depend on when you choose to travel but I’ll be showing you how we did it anyway.

First Joey and I made an excel file where we fill up the details per bus or train company. It took a lot of effort because we had to do it point-to-point so that we had a general idea on how to go about our travels. *sepul is Sepulvedana, a bus company in Spain.


We tried our best to get the cheapest and fastest way but it still cost us a lot of money.

Dates of travel: May 22 - 27, 2015

*Joey suggested to travel around Spain in May because it won’t be too cold and it’s spring time - the beatiful flowers will be in bloom

Travelers: Caly Monreal, Joey Ochoa, and Yasmine Thielen
Weather: Day: 18℃ / 27℃ Sunny/ Cloudy/ Shorts weather! / Evening: 10℃
Tourist crowd: Not so crowded, medium to short line length

Cuenca - Madrid (May 22)
Mode of transportation: Bus - Avanza
Travel time: 2 hours

Madrid - Granada (May 22-23, arrived Granada at 12mn)
Price: 21,38€
Mode of transportation: Bus - Alsa
Travel time: 5 hours

Granada - Cordóba (May 23)
Price: 36,10€
Mode of transportation: Train - Renfe
Travel time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Cordóba - Granada (May 23)
Price: 12,03€
Mode of transportation: Bus - Alsa
Travel time: 2 hours, 40 minutes

Granada - Sevilla (May 25)
Price: 12€
Mode of transportation: Bus - Alsa
Travel time: 3 hours

Sevilla - Granada (May 25)
Price: 12.60€
Mode of transportation: Bus - Alsa
Travel time: 3 hours, 45 minutes

After Granada, we took a train to Barcelona on May 27 because our roommate, Julian needed companions to the Primavera Soun festival. We took a sleeper train for 11 hours.

Other expenses:

Granada - Alhambra: 15,40€
Real Alcázar - 3
Hostel (HostelVITA) - 46 for 4 nights

Transportation total: 108.72€
Total with entrances and hostel: 173.12€