Seoul: 4 Myeong-dong Favourites

I travelled to Korea with my mother, brother and his girlfriend. We stayed in Jongno-Gu (Jongno District) which is just an 8-10 minute walk to Myeong Dong. We spent most of our time in Myeong-dong and it easily became my favourite district in Seoul because of the shopping (beauty products, Uniqlo, Zara, etc.) and the huge variety of food to choose from.

I was so excited to visit Korea for the first time because Korean is one of my favourite cuisines. I was looking forward to tasting the food sold in carts as well as the Galbi (grilled dishes).

Street Food Carts

The food carts were the reason why Myeong Dong was an easy favourite for me. You can serve yourself a full meal by just walking one street from start to finish. The locals serve different kinds of things like grilled meat and seafood, savoury desserts like crepe, and different juices. My favourite among all the food carts was the grilled scallops with cheese! I ate that on the last day and it was the best because the scallops were fresh and the cheese was perfect. The prices would range from ₩1,000-3,000.

James Cheese Back Ribs

My friend who studied a term in Korea suggested that we visit James Cheese Back Ribs. It was so good! I’m a sucker for melted cheese and meat. So ribs + melted cheese (and corn) was an amazing combination. The server was also very kind, she would help us wrap the ribs with cheese. Only con is that it’s messy and we had to use disposable gloves (I’m not a fan, I try to avoid using plastic as much as possible). We ordered the largest size (18,000 KRW) which we thought was cheap for three people. Little did we know that it was a minimum of 2 orders so we ended up paying ₩36,000 for the meal.

Sulbing Dessert Cafe

We felt that the Korean Food experience wouldn’t be complete without Bingsu. After checking several Instagram accounts and travel posts, Bingsu had to be one of the go-to Korean desserts. Having said that, we went to Sulbing, a Korean Dessert Cafe in Myeong Dong. The place was packed but we were able to order and get our dessert in a short amount of time. The servings are huge so it’s best to share with someone. We were four so we ordered the Mango Cheese Snowflakes Sherbet (망고 치절 설빙, [₩10,000]) as well as the Blueberry Cheese Snowflakes Sherbet (블루베리 치즈 설빙, [₩10,0000]). We also paid for extra cheese - GO FOR IT.

Skin Care and Other Beauty Products

I’ve read travel posts and watched videos about Korea and almost everyone said that the people in skin care and make-up stores are very generous with their samples. It was such perfect timing because we went there when most places were on sale. We would buy a few products and end up leaving the store with heavy bags because of the samples they gave. Korean beauty products are amazing. I’ve been using the products I purchased in Korea for 2 months now and my skin feels great!