Auxiliares de Conversación - Introduction to The Aux Life

Where am I?

As of October 2017, I'm currently living in Madrid, Spain until June 2018 because of the program called "Programa de Auxiliares de conversación. 


What is the Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación?

The program runs for one school year (10 months because we start in October but classes begin in September). The participants of the program work as language/speaking assistants in schools (almost) everywhere in Spain. We are not supposed to handle or be in a classroom on our own, we simply assist the teacher. 

I teach in a non-bilingual school so I only handle English classes. Those who teach in bilingual schools may have classes other than English such as history or the different sciences. 

I will be writing a series of posts related to my life here in Spain; from how I applied to the program, Visa processing, flat hunting, TIE/NIE, and everything else in between.

I hope my posts become useful to future Auxiliars out there, especially if you're from the Philippines or Ateneo de Manila University!

I'll be updating this post every time I upload something new so that I can link you to the pages. Consider this as the table of contents for all my Aux Life posts!