The Aux Life 2017-2018: The Tasa for The T.I.E.

A tasa is a fee/tax you must pay for certain documents in Spain. It’s like a tax to pay for your legal stay in the country, The form to be filled up can be found online. (Link here)

For those under the Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación, the Tasa modelo 790 Código 012: Reconocimientos, Autorizaciones y Concursos is what you have to fill up. 

The form must be filled up online and then the site will generate 3 copies of it. The first for the bank (Ejemplar para la Entidad Colaborada), second is to be given to the people who handle your T.I.E. appointment (Ejemplar para la Administración), and third is your personal copy (Ejemplar para el Interesado). 

Bring your tasa to the bank and a fee of 15,60 must be paid to the bank if you’re applying for the T.I.E. for the first time. 

How to fill up the form: 

  1. Go to the website
  2. Select “Rellenar formulario y descargar”
  3. Fill up the necessary items
    1. Your visa should have an N.I.F. / or N.I.E. (some of my Filipino friends didn’t have an N.I.E. in their visa but it wasn’t a problem). - I believe you can input your passport number as well
    2. Apellidos y nombre o razón social
      1. Spain has a different way of writing their last names so it can be a bit confusing. 
    3. Domicilio
      1. Thankfully I found a place to live so that I can put my living address in the domicilio section. But if not, writing your school address (found in your carta de nombramiento) is fine.
      2. I left escalera blank because it was unnecessary for me.
    4. Autoliquidación
      1. Principal
    5. For first time Auxiliars (outside the EU), go to: Tarjetas de identidad de extranjeros (TIE) y certificados de registro de residentes comunitarios. and select: .TIE que documenta la primera concesión de la autorización de residencia temporal, de estancia o para trabajadores transfronterizos.
    6. Declarante
      1. Localidad: your city
      2. Fecha: the date you will be signing the form
        1. Example:  En Madrid, a 16 de Octubre de 2017
    7. Once finished, select “Descargar impreso rellenado” and it will create a .PDF format with 3 different copies of the form. 

Print and sign the documents (I get paranoid so I scan and make duplicates to make sure that I have extra copies on hand just in case anything happens) then go to your bank and pay for the tasa. 

See the following for the rates of the documents (as of October 2017): 

Res. Iniciales y arraigos - 15,60 €

Renovación de la autorización de residencia temporal no lucrativa - 18,73 €

Res. larga duración y L.D. U.E. - 21,23 €

Res. familiar de comunitário - 10,71 €

Autorización de regreso* - 10,40 €


It’s my first time with the program so I had to pay 15,60 €. If I want to renew, I will have to pay another tasa of 10,30 € for the Autorización de regreso which will allow me to stay or return to Spain legally because my T.I.E. will be expired by then. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to go to the bank myself due to conflicts with my schedule. So, I asked my friend to pay for my tasa.