The Aux Life 2017-2018: The T.I.E. Process

This post will tackle the following:
Requirements for the T.I.E. (For Filipinos/Asians, Non-Americans, and Non-Europeans)
How to sign-up for a cita (Internet Cita Previa)
How to fill-up the EX-17 form
The application process in Aluche

Required documents
* I only had to submit one copy each

  1. Carta de Nombramiento (Letter of appointment)
  2. Passport + Visa and entrance stamp (from immigration)
  3. Empadronamiento (Not necessary for first time Auxiliars)
  4. A recent passport sized photo (white background)
  5. Proof of appointment (cita)
  6. Paid tasa (Click to read my blog post)

 How to apply for the cita

  1. Make an online appointment in order to apply for the TIE within one month from the entry into Spain.
  2. ( The website is not secure. All you have to do is click advanced and “Proceed to …” on Chrome
  3. Select your province in the drop-down menu. In my case it’s Madrid.
  5. A list of documents required for the application will appear. You may take a screenshot so you can read it later then click “Entrar” and fill out the form.
  6. Enter your N.I.E. which must be on your visa 
    1. Before leaving your home country, double check your visa and make sure that you have an N.I.E. If not, contact your embassy about it. 
    2. A friend of mine only found out that her visa didn't have an N.I.E. when she arrived Spain so, she ended up applying for one. - But this caused problems. When she had her appointment at Aluche they told her that she was better off applying for the T.I.E. without her N.I.E. she ended up having to go from one office to another just to fix it. 
  7. Once you’re done, print out the appointment slip and bring it to the date of your appointment.

EX-17 form

  1. Read the application form thoroughly as there are superscripts in some items for specific instructions. (Last page of the form: Instrucciones de Cumplimentación)
  2. Fill up sections 1, 3, and 4.
    1. Section 1
      1. 1er Apellido: Mother's maiden name
      2. 2º Apellido: Father's last name / your last name
      3. C.P. means Codigo Postal or Zip Code
    2. Section 3
      1. Mark "Consiento que las comunicaciones y notificaciones se realicen por medios electrónicos".
    3. Section 4
      1. Mark: Tarjeta Incicial (For first year Auxiliars)
      2. Situación en España
        1. Estancia por estudios, investigación-formación, intercambio, prácticas o voluntario.
      3. Mark “Consiento la consulta sobre mis datos y documentos que se hallen en poder de la Administración (en este caso, deberán aportarse los documentos correspondientes)
    4. Sign: _____, a ____ de _______ de _____
      1. Location, a date de month de year (Madrid, a 26 de Octubre de 2017)

How to get to Brigada de Extranjería de Madrid
Avenida de los Poblados, sin número, Madrid
Metro: Aluche (Line 5, colour green)
Cercanías: Aluche (C-5)

The application process

Upon entering the Brigada de Extranjería de Madrid, you will need to have your bags go through the scanner. 

* There are photo booths inside the area so you can have your photo printed. 
Proceed to the right side since the left side is for picking up the card. There are benches outside the building so you can wait there. You can also show your cita to the man outside or simply wait for your time to be called out. My appointment was at 16:50 so the man would shout “Cuatro veinte” for 4:20, “Cuatro treinta” for 4:30, and so on.

Once you’re called inside, there might be a line. Just line up until you’re first and go the person on the desk they normally say “siguiente” out loud. 

*It helps if you can speak Spanish. Some of them don't speak English so you must be lucky if you end up having someone who speaks English.

*If you're going to end up skipping work, do not forget to request for a "justificante" at the Brigada de Extranjería de Madrid"!


As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s best if you get a morning appointment because you might encounter problems. Sometimes those problems can be solved through a phone call that the person attending to you will make. I was unlucky because I had a problem with my last names. My primer apellido didn’t appear in their database so, I was asked to come back the next Monday morning so they could make a phone call to another office to have it fixed.

They write a note on your cita with the instructions for the next person who will handle your T.I.E. application as well as the time you're supposed to come back (anytime between 9:00-13:00h).

I came back on the 30th of November and there was a long queue outside the building at around 9:00h and I realised that I left my passport at home (#SMART) so I went home and arrived back in Aluche at 10:00h. The line was gone and I went straight inside. I went to someone and showed him my cita so she directed me to someone at one of the desks. The man attending to me made the necessary phone calls but my name still hadn't been changed. He asked me to sit down on one of the benches so he could entertain other people. It took about 15-20 minutes until my name finally appeared in the database. I also had trouble with the fingerprint scanner but I was able to fix everything I needed for the T.I.E. within an hour. 

I honestly do not know how to avoid this problem but I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out that it's normal and that my other friends had to go through the same thing. However, It got kind of frustrating because I wanted everything to be over and done with but I ended up having to go back to Aluche twice (or thrice since I left my passport lol). Now I have to wait for the 30th of November to get my T.I.E. I do hope I can get it by then since I'm flying back home to the Philippines in December. 

They will not notify you so you will have to go back after 30-40 days and see if they've made your T.I.E.