My Favourites in Amsterdam

When I went to Amsterdam with my friends last January 2018, our hostel accommodation was on the pricier side so I immediately assumed that the food would be, too. I planned to spend a maximum of €15 per meal (x3 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). I had also anticipated the amount of food I was planning to eat because of all the Google searches and Instagram lurking I did prior to the trip. However, I overestimated my budget but it was a good thing because I ended up spending a lot less than my projected expenses!

My friends left me in charge of the itinerary so I dragged them to all the aesthetically pleasing places and we were lucky because we didn't have to spend a lot on food. Here's a list of the places my friends and I visited. If you ever end up going to the places I'm about to mention, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

1. Pluk Amsterdam


I love unique places, especially café's that serve delicious dishes. As I've mentioned in my previous post on Amsterdam (check here), I discovered Pluk Amsterdam because I stumbled upon an Instagram post of a unicorn jewellery container that they were selling. I knew I had to get it so I begged my friends to accompany me to the café so I could buy it and eat there as well. Call me basic but I bought their unicorn designed smoothie bowl. It was a good way to start my day because not only was it healthy, it made me happy because of its cute design (lol). 

The atmosphere in Pluk Amsterdam was so light and happy, the people working there were so kind and bubbly despite the huge amount of people they had to handle at a time.

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Like the other places on this list, I found The Breakfast Club before flying to Amsterdam. The name of the café caught my attention because it was named after a famous movie. I searched them on Google Maps because I was intrigued and I wanted to see what kind of food they served. Once I saw the images, I knew I wanted to eat there so I showed my friends the photos of the meals and they too were sold. My friend Clarice and I split the English Breakfast (London under City Breakfast on their menu). We each paid €16 for the meal and it was enough for the both of us. We even had room for dessert which we split as well. Our friend Fonso ordered his own but Clarice and I have small appetites and we knew we wouldn't be able to finish the dish if we had one to ourselves. We ordered their Buttermilk Pancakes with Fresh Fruit (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and banana) for dessert and they were perfectly cooked! So soft and fluffy, just the way pancakes are supposed to be made. I haven't had a good breakfast in a while because I just cook simple food or eat bread and jam so having warm and well-prepared breakfast food was such a treat!

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3. Van Stapele Koekmakerij


Van Stapele Koekmakerij sells only one type of cookie; chocolate with melted white chocolate filling. With a single item menu, you can expect quality to be guaranteed. 

There was a line when we arrived so it's safe to say that they are known by a lot of tourists and locals. I'm not a huge fan of desserts because I often get umay (a word in Filipino with no direct English translation but I found someone who described it well enough: "we simply feel tired of eating the same food and wish to eat no more, but it's not the same as full"). if it's too sweet. However, cookies are my favourite dessert and Van Stapele did not disappoint at all! Despite the chocolate overload, the sweetness wasn't too much for me. Without a second thought, I decided to buy the cute metal tin with 6 cookies inside (€14)

The cookies would be a great present for family and friends but take note that it's best to consume them within 4 days. They suggest that you reheat the cookies in an oven or a heated pan and the microwave should be your last option.

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4. Dutch fries from Friet Steeg

I only had fries from 2 places and Friet Steeg was better and cheaper than the second I bought from. It's right across Van Stapele Koekmakerij so if you want something savoury before eating cookies then buy something from Friet Steeg because it is really is a few steps away. You should not leave Amsterdam without trying Dutch fries! I kept snubbing the food despite its fame because I thought it was simple and I can buy them anywhere but I was wrong. I caved in and bought the smallest size (€2,50) to try them and chose mayonnaise and satay out of their long list of sauces. Who knew mayonnaise and satay sauce would go well together?

5. Oma Falafel King

Whenever I visit a different European city with my friends or family, we usually end up eating at a Döner Kebab or Falafel place. I try to avoid it but they're everywhere and it gets tempting! It was late in the evening and my friends and I found it after checking in at our hostel. We ended up having falafel as our first meal in Amsterdam. The amazing falafel we had was a foreshadowing of our great food experience in the city!

The meal was so savoury, I have the tendency to get sick of the food when I have too much of it- and this happens often when I eat falafel but I ended up eating my whole share of the meal. The falafel was cooked well; soft on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside. The reason why Oma Falafel King made it to my list of favourites was because of the sauce served by the lovely owners. We were given 2 servings of their oil based sauce with slices of vegetables and the typical white yogurt (?) sauce. Some Kebab establishments would serve bland sauces but what they gave us were one of the most flavourful sauces I've ever tasted! The food was so good, my friends and I wanted to back but we were always too full to eat there again. The next time I return to Amsterdam, I'm going back for sure!

If I save enough money, I would love to visit Amsterdam again this year. I still find myself saving places on Google Maps. My list is getting longer and longer and I keep thinking about the food I ate during my trip. Amsterdam has made it to my list of favourite cities and I'm dying to go back.