Auxiliares de Conversación - Some things to know

If you’re finally moving to Spain, here are some things that you might find useful!

  1. Bank Account

    This could be a hassle to most people because you might have to try your luck at several banks because some of them charge you for insurance. As an Auxiliar (and below 25 years old), you DO NOT have to pay for insurance at the bank. The carta de nombramiento states that we already have insurance so there is no need to pay for any more at the bank.

    I am happy with my bank (BBVA), I did have to go to 2-3 different branches with my friend just to find someone who didn’t have to charge us any insurance or joining fee.

    In 2018, my friends were able to open accounts with BBVA, Sabadell, Santander, and Bankia without having to pay anything.

  2. Phone

    It is important to have Whatsapp on your phone. It is the app everyone in Spain (and possibly Europe) uses. My provider is Simyo and I pay 13,50/ month for 10GB of data and 20 minutes of calls. Others also use Yoigo, Vodaphone and Orange. It’s just a matter of searching the provider that suits your needs.

  3. The TIE

    The NIE is your NUMBER, the TIE is your physical card. GUARD IT AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! Getting it stolen and renewed is a hassle. You will have to file a police report and go one weeks without it. I don’t keep it in the same area as my wallet. I only bring it out when I need to, otherwise it stays in a different wallet or inside my bag. I suggest you do the same. As a citizen of the Philippines, it’s difficult to not have the TIE around me because it serves as proof that I’m legally residing in the EU. Without it, I can’t travel, etc.

  4. Primero and Segundo Apellido

    The Apellidos can be SO confusing when filling up forms (EX-17 / EX-00 etc.). In Spain I have to switch my name. If I go as “Caly T. Monreal”, My primero is the middle name, and the segundo is my last name.

I hope these things help! I will keep adding more as the months go by. For now, these are the only things that come to mind. I hope you enjoy your stay in Spain. ♡