Prague in March (Easter Break Part 2)

Our next top after Budapest was Prague. We spent 3 nights there before going to Austria. Keep reading to see what we did in Prague (which was my favourite out of the 4 countries we traveled to). 

March 26 - 29, 2018

Prague, Czech Republic


March 27: Budapest - Prague | March 27

We arrived our hostel (Ahoy! NewTown) at half past nine in the evening on the 26th of March. The next day, we exchanged 120 euros to Czech Korunas at ExChange which had good reviews on Google. * You need to be careful because they sometimes charge you less. Make sure to ask before having the amount exchanged. Always keep in mind that you need to get the best deal possible.

The Old Town Square had an Easter Market so my friend and I ate there. I ordered a sausage in a bun (CZK 80). It tasted alright because the bun was stale. - I didn't expect more, though because market food don’t usually have the best quality.

Sadly, the Astronomical Clock at the square was being restored so we weren't able to see it. Fonso wanted to grab coffee before heading to the Malá Strana district so we entered a cute café nearby called Pauseteria. There was another Easter Market in the Malá Strana district area so I bought some gnocchi. - Make sure to say how many grams you want because the vendors might overcharge you since they charge per 100 grams. 


We also went up the bell tower at the Saint Vitus Cathedral. We climbed 287 steps to get a spectacular view of Prague! The climb up was scary but worth it because we were there at the right time, it was rainy most of the time but the sun shined brightly while we were at the tower.

On our way down we entered Manufaktura, a local skincare store that specializes in beer and wine cosmetics. We passed by the Lennon Wall before crossing back to the other side of Prague. We passed through the Charles Bridge and there were so many people but the walk was beautiful nonetheless.

We had dinner at a vegetarian restaraunt called Dhaba Beas. We enjoyed our meal because it was affordable and healthy! We were charged 1 euro per 100 grams. I put a lot of food on my plate and I only paid CZK 137 (5 euros)! It was filling and was such a good break from all the bad and unhealthy stuff we had been eating during the trip.

March 28

We had been traveling for 7 days and we needed to eat better food. We were able to find Cacao, a café near the Old Town Square that serves relatively healthy dishes.

After having brunch, we checked the Mucha Museum and the Spanish Synagogue but entered neither of them because we didn't want to spend and exchange more euros 😅Instead, we walked back up to Malá Strana and bought a ticket to enter the different sites in the area. You can choose different routes/circuits and we chose Circuit B which lets you enter the St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, and the Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower (CZK 125 with the discount). Check their site for more information

 My favorite Chimney Cake (Trdelník) is from Good Food Coffee & Bakery! I was supposed to share with Fonso but I ended up getting my own because it was so good!



March 29: Prague - Vienna

We checked out of the hostel and walked to the train station. Our ticket to Vienna was only (14 euros), but make sure that you have seats! Apparently, we only bought the train ticket. The seats had to be paid separately. Good thing Fonso decided to check before leaving or else we wouldn’t have a seat on the 4 hour train to Vienna.

Out of the 4 places we visited during the Easter break, Prague is my favourite. It’s such a beautiful city. I feel bad for not making the most out of it, though. We were too tired and changing money was too much of a hassle so we decided to skip some tourist spots.